Our team is here to address any questions or concerns. For your convenience, we’ve listed our most frequently asked questions. If your query isn’t addressed here, please reach out to our customer service team:

Phone: 800 524 2744
Email: customerservice@team-hat.com

How do I counterbalance my monitor arm?2023-01-06T09:54:31-05:00
  1. You must attach the monitor to the arm, and you must place the arm in the mount, prior to attempting adjustments.
  2. Press the arm down to approximately parallel with the desk prior to turning the strength adjustment screw. This relieves pressure on the gas cylinder and makes it easier to adjust.
  3. If the arm is too strong, turn the adjustment screw clockwise. If the arm is too weak, turn the adjustment screw counter-clockwise. Depending on the weight of your monitor, you may have to make 15-20 turns. After each few turns, stop to check to see if the monitor remains in place when you remove your hand from it.
  4. If you follow these steps and are still unable to get the arm to float, or if you reach a point where you can no longer turn the screw, it is possible that your monitor is outside of the weight range of your mounting arm. Please contact HAT Design Works customer support at 800-524-2744 for assistance or watch the video.
How do I purchase internationally?2023-01-06T09:57:25-05:00

Please visit our contact page to reach out to HAT Design Works’ international subsidiaries.

What can I do with my FLEXmount?2022-08-24T16:33:11-05:00

The FLEXmount offers six different options for mounting or reconfiguring your monitor arm.


How do I adjust my tilter?2023-01-06T10:05:43-05:00

You can adjust the tension of the tilter by using the hex key that was included with your monitor arm.

For Next Gen Tilter adjustments, watch the video here.
Next Gen Tilter

For 8336 Tilter adjustments, watch the video here.
Legacy Tilter

How do I know if my monitor is VESA-compliant?2018-10-02T17:03:25-05:00

VESA-compliant monitors follow an industry-standard mounting system. There will be a 75mm (about 3″) or 100mm (about 4″) square screw hole pattern on the back of your monitor. If you do not see one, remove the base from the monitor (see your monitor’s User’s Guide for instructions on how to do this).

What is the lead time for my monitor mount?2022-08-24T16:34:04-05:00

Generally, the average lead time for our monitor mounts is 3-5 business days. All of HAT Design Works’ products are made to order, allowing for customizable options to meet the needs of customer applications. Lead times for individual products depend on available materials and order quantities.

Where do you manufacture your products? Where is the product shipped from?2022-08-24T16:34:19-05:00

Most of HAT Design Works’ products are designed and assembled in the US. Most products are shipped from our Easton, PA headquarters.

What warranty do you offer?2022-08-24T16:34:29-05:00

Monitor arms come with a 10 year warranty. Winston Workstation® includes a 5 year warranty, Tablik® includes a 3 year warranty, and Busby® and the Bild® electric height adjust column are covered with a 1 year warranty. You can visit our warranty page for more information.

What quality and environmental standards are you compliant with?2023-01-06T10:12:01-05:00

Innovative strives to provide the best product possible through our quality standards and award winning design. Our products are tested to 30,000 cycles, far exceeding BIFMA industry standards. You can learn more about HAT Design Works’ commitment to quality here.

To reduce environmental impact, HAT Design Works is fully compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC and the EU Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC). To learn more about HDW’s environmental ethics, click here.

May I purchase directly or do you have distributors?2023-01-06T10:15:14-05:00

You are welcome to purchase directly from HAT Design Works by calling 800-524-2744, or sending an email to orders@team-hat.com. HAT Design Works’ monitor mounting solutions are also available through various re-sellers and dealers.

What payment method is accepted?2022-08-24T16:36:38-05:00

For orders placed by phone, HAT Design Works can accept credit cards or credit terms to qualifying customers.

To apply for credit, please contact HAT Design Works’ sales team at 800-524-2744.

Do you charge sales tax?2022-08-24T16:38:12-05:00

HAT Design Works will assess sales tax on orders shipping to Pennsylvania addresses unless you have a tax-exempt certificate, in which case no sales tax will be assessed.

What are your business hours?2023-01-06T10:18:22-05:00

Our normal business hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST Monday-Friday. During non-business hours, you can email us at customerservice@team-hat.com and your inquiry will be responded to the next business day.

What is your return policy?2018-10-02T17:04:59-05:00

All returns must be labeled with a valid Return Authorization (R/A) number on the outside of packaging. Shipments without R/A numbers will be rejected. R/A numbers may be obtained by calling 800-524-2744.

a. RESTOCKING FEES — Standard Items totaling value of $1,000 or less will incur no restocking fee if returned in resalable condition and within 30 days of original shipment. After 30 days of original shipment and with prior approval, a restocking fee of up to 25% will be applied. Standard Items totaling value of more than $1,000 may be returned if in resalable condition and within 30 days of original shipment, and will be subject to a restocking fee of up to 25%.

b. DEFECTIVE ITEMS — Defective items may be returned within limits of the Warranty.

c. CUSTOM-CONFIGURED ITEMS — Non-defective Custom-configured Items are not returnable.

What is your Schedule B number for importing?2022-08-24T16:38:59-05:00

HAT Design Works’ Schedule B number is 8473.305100.

Where can I obtain a copy of HAT Design Works’ NAFTA certificate?2022-08-24T16:39:36-05:00

HAT Design Works does not participate in NAFTA. Our products are classified in subheading 8473.30, which is covered by the Information Technology Agreement and puts the duty rate at zero for participating countries (Canada and Mexico). Since the duty rate should be zero, there is no reason to issue a NAFTA certificate.